Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Honor among thieves

Everybody's united in hating evil so the wicked have to love one another; while everybody praises the virtuous are jealous of each other. What does a thief get by killing another thief? Contempt. A scholar who slanders another scholar attains glory.


I was trying to describe the process which happens in LOTR, where it so tough to assemble the forces against evil.

Something which is happening in the world today. We know what and where the evil(terrorism, corruption, etc) lies but do not have the conviction.

“Even God will not be able to save this country,”

Court slams Centre

New Delhi: “Even God will not be able to save this country,” the Supreme Court said on Tuesday while slamming the Centre for its refusal to amend the law for launching criminal prosecution against those who illegally occupy official houses. — PTI

courtesy : The Hindu

Friday, January 11, 2008

Aus v/s Ind 2nd test at Sydney 07-08 Summary

India had totake 30 wickets in 2 innings.
Australia had to take 15 wickets in two innings.

Man of the Match Steve Bucknor

Winner Australia
Loser Cricket in general due to the racism fiasco

Symonds average in 5 innings of the test 53.83

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

One of my favourite things

Curd rice.

It has gained critical importance in my life nowadays as I need to cook on my own and I am very lazy in terms of cooking but very active in gorging it.I wanted to tabulate what all can one have with my ever favourite curd rice.All I need to is cook rice add curd and add any or more of these to have a wonderful dinner or lunch.


4.Apricot jam


6. The last one a new find, Fruit Loops :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

sweet dhal n salty chocolate....

When your going through a hectic week my mind gets preoccupied by all the things I am trying to do.Added to that, I have to cook my own food :( where in lies the danger as I added sugar instead of salt to dal and curry already and salt instead of sugar to a hot chocolate I was trying to drink.

Check out the new pesticides in the market :

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I had watched a German movie called 'Das Expertiment' about a prison-simulation experiment for two weeks advertised in a newspaper.

I just realized today that similar kind of experiment was carried out when the guy who conducted the experiment was interviewed on The Daily show.The experiment is famously known as the Stanford prison experiment.Here's a brief description :
The Stanford prison experiment was a psychological study of the human response to captivity, in particular to the real world circumstances of prison life and the effects of imposed social roles on behaviour. It was conducted in 1971 by a team of researchers led by Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University. Undergraduate volunteers played the roles of guards and prisoners living in a mock prison that was constructed in the basement of the Stanford psychology building.
It is so insane and the conclusions are so arbitrary which claims all good people can turn evil.If given a chance I would never hit a guy even if I wouldn't have to face any punishment and I am pretty sure there are a lot of people like me.Here's an article written by one of the 'consultants' of the experiment.It goes like :

Prof. Philip Zimbardo this "landmark" experiment is a classical treatise on the "power of the situation" and a full-blown explanation of the evils of every prison from Folsom to Abu Ghraib. I can assure you, it is neither. I say this not because I am an African American ex-con who served 17 years in San Quentin for attempted murder or one who spoke before Congress on the issue of prison reform. I say it because I was the Stanford Prison Experiment's chief consultant. I armed the Zimbardo, Craig Haney and Curt Banks with the ideas that enabled them to infuse this study with the verisimilitude that it hangs its hat on to this day. And shouldn't.
A hollywood movie is going to come out in 2008 about the experiment.

There are lot of crazy things going on around us!